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From: Paul 69
Subject: Family Members 1Family Members (Part 1)Ever since I can remember, I have thought about men's cocks. I've lolitas naked little angels always
thought about what my Dad's cock looked like, I knew he was really hairy
and the outline in his underpants suggested something large beneath.Once I was old enough to masturbate I used to imagine my Dad's cock hard, I
used to imagine what it would look like, how big it would be and what it
would feel like. As time went on and I got a bit more worldly wise, I would
imagine how it would feel in my mouth and up my arse, what it would feel
like to feel his cum shooting down my throat or hot nude yourn lolitas spurting up inside me as he
fucked me.At least twice daily I would wank off thinking about him, knowing that
nothing would ever happen. How could it? He and my Mum had been happily
married for years and there was no chance he'd want to get it on with his
son.I still couldn't swim and so my Dad suggested that my Uncle Mark take me to
the local baths to teach me (he had three sons and had taught them all to
swim). I agreed under protest, I didn't really know my Uncle and hadn't
seen him very much. Uncle Mark picked me up on a Saturday and took me to
the local swimming pool, which was only a few miles away.I was really glad that I went in the end. The local swimming club had just
finished training and there were about twenty fit naked men in the changing
rooms. I managed to control my hard on but I took in every body, every pair
of pecs, every hairy chest, every bicep, ever pair of buttocks, and every
cock, all stored up for a major jack off session when I got home.I was oblivious to my Uncle and didn't realise that he had seen me
transfixed by all the naked men around me. After we got changed and walked
through to the pool I finally noticed my Uncle, he was about 6', well
built, nice and hairy and had a large looking bulge in his swimming trunks
which were small and very tight.After about an hour in the pool still with little success of me swimming,
we decided to call it a day and headed back to the changing rooms. There
were fewer men in here now but I still managed to have a good look at the
many different types of men in there. Unknown to me, my Uncle took all this
in.In the car afterwards, my Uncle asked if I wanted to come down again with
him next Saturday. I agreed. He laughed and said "I though you would!". I
asked him what was funny and I couldn't believe his reply "I'm sure you'll
enjoy looking at all those naked men again!" Had I been that obvious? I
pretended I didn't know what he was talking about but he told me not to
worry, it was perfectly normal to look at naked men.If I was shocked then, my embarrassment (and my cock) grew as we drove
off. My Uncle asked me if I had ever seen a man with a hard on or if I had
ever sucked on lolita preteen girl sex a cock or had my cock sucked. I told him no and tried to
hide my hard on which was stretching the material of my trousers at the
thought.Uncle Mark asked me if I wanted to stop off at his on the way home, I
didn't really get on with my cousins and so said no. He said that everyone
was out so that it would be ok and if I wanted I might get to see a man
with an erection. It seemed to good an opportunity to pass up and so I
agreed.Once we got child models photos lolita in the house Uncle Mark went into the kitchen to make us a cup
of tea. He told me to go and get settled in the lounge. After about five
minutes he came in and asked me if I wanted to watch a porno. I agreed and
he put one on. We both sat there watching the movie, it was a straight
porno but I couldn't keep my eyes off this guy, he had a massive cock and
the woman he was fucking was screaming. When he took his cock out of her
and wanked off, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when he shot his cum
all over her arse.My Uncle said that porn was great but there was one thing that was much
better. With that he pulled down his jeans and revealed his raging hard on,
a nice size at least 8" and thick. Uncle asked me if I wanted to touch it
and although my heart was pounding with nerves I put my hand across and
started to touch his cock. It was so hot! Uncle Mark asked me if I liked
it, I couldn't talk and just nodded in agreement. He told me to take my
clothes off and I was now naked before him. He asked me if I wanted to lick
and suck it. I had thought about sucking on a cock for so long and was
beginning to relax and so I knelt down in front of my big hairy Uncle Mark
and started to lick and suck on his big cock. He leant back and started to
moan. I couldn't get it all in but I sucked on what I could and it tasted
delicious! After a few minutes my Uncle pulled my head off his cock and he
started shooting his hot cum in my face. I licked off as much as
possible. He was smiling and told me to stand up, with that he took my much
smaller cock into his mouth and within seconds I was shooting my cum into
his mouth.We cuddled for a bit, me still naked and him with just his now soft cock
hanging out of his jeans. Uncle Mark then said it was time to get me home
and did I still want to go swimming next Saturday. I said I would love to
as long as I could suck on his cock and drink his cum next time. He laughed
and agreed.For the next week, I wanked off so much thinking about Uncle Mark and that
big litlle lolitas top 100 hairy body and nice big cock! What would happen next Saturday?
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